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Our North York Health Care Team is here 6 days a week for some of the best chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments, and is always welcoming new patients. If you are looking for a North York clinic that can effectively treat your pain and prevent it from coming back, you have found the right place! Contact us now for all of your chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy needs.

You won’t find any one-size-fits-all treatments at our clinic. Our chiropractors use a variety of approaches tailored to your specific needs, so we can treat patients of all ages and stages, including athletes and seniors. We can also leverage our in-house physiotherapists and massage therapy to provide a holistic treatment plan and help you reach your health goals as quickly and completely as possible!

What our patients are saying about our clinic

Jenn WatanabeJenn Watanabe
11:26 25 Apr 23
I've been to few physiotherapists before I found a stellar one, Jonna Canet! She changed my life. She helped me with my chronic leg problem I've been experiencing on and off for years. She assisted and guided me in my exercise and always reminded me how important it is to help my body heal. Her compassion and her dedication to her work are immeasurable. I will always be thankful for how she listens and answers my concerns. It's always my pleasure to have a physiotherapist who cares and excels in her work like Jonna.I am strongly recommend her if you are looking for a physiotherapist who always does great.
Florian SelmaniFlorian Selmani
02:36 18 Apr 23
I recently visited the chiropractic clinic with a sports injury that had been restricting the mobility of my shoulder. After receiving treatment from Dr. Sandhar, I am happy to say that my experience has been exceptional.Dr. Sandhar's expertise and use of multiple modalities allowed her to pinpoint the root cause of my shoulder restriction. She identified tension in both my pectoral minor and the long head of my bicep as the primary culprits to the rounding of my shoulder and the cause of my mobility restrictions.During my treatment, Dr. Sandhar used a variety of treatment options including: myofascial decompression, electroacupuncture, gua sha, and spinal adjustments to relieve me of pain and get me back into the gym. Dr. Sandhar's skillful and thorough approach to treatment made me feel comfortable and at ease.Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Sandhar to anyone in need of a chiropractor whose focus includes sports rehabilitation. Dr. Sandhar’s professionalism, expertise, and personalized treatment plans make her an excellent practitioner for anyone seeking relief from both pain and mobility restrictions.Thank you again Dr. Sandhar
Nemie BendanaNemie Bendana
14:25 11 Apr 23
Got my first chiro here at Newlight Pain Clinic with Dr. Payam Vala. He is awesome! No more pain now. Happy client today. 😊
Angelo TolentinoAngelo Tolentino
16:19 09 Apr 23
I visited Newlight Pain Clinic North York to address some issues with my tight calf, hamstring, and plantar fascia, and I couldn't be happier with the care I received from resident Physiotherapist Jonna Canet. From start to finish, Jonna demonstrated the utmost professionalism and expertise, carefully assessing my condition and developing a personalized treatment plan that was tailored to my specific needs.Throughout the course of my treatment, Jonna was incredibly attentive, always taking the time to explain each step of the process and answer any questions I had along the way. Her knowledge and skill as a physiotherapist were evident in every session, and I felt confident that I was in excellent hands.Thanks to Jonna's diligent and compassionate care, my calf, hamstring, and plantar fascia are feeling better than ever before. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking top-notch physiotherapy services. If you're looking for a physiotherapist who truly cares about your wellbeing and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals, Jonna Canet is the one for you. Five stars all around!
Timothy SchuttenTimothy Schutten
20:42 28 Mar 23
Best chiropractors in North York! Warm, welcoming, and very professional. Highly recommend!
Dr. Steve KnightonDr. Steve Knighton
13:04 24 Feb 22
With Covid ending-ish and some of my patients going back to work, its amazing to have a clinic I can refer too. Treatment is spot on and their lunch hours are perfect for my commuters who are in need of treatment.
00:35 15 Sep 21
As soon as I stepped in to this clinic, I felt the warm welcome of the staff- as if they know me a long time ago, though it was my first time. They are so nice, and expert in dealing with their clients feeling comfortable and at home. They are very professional- suggest and recommend what is best for me - they have perfect customer service. I can’t ask for more….and the doctor was so nice too, he explained everything to me clearly. I feel comfortable with this clinic.
Marcia GreenMarcia Green
03:15 24 Feb 21
I appreciate the fact that Kim cares about her clients and takes the time to help us feel better. I also find her very informative where my body is concerned, and I'm learning a lot from her with every visit .My experience at Vitalyse Clinic is always a pleasant one. Everyone there is very friendly, welcoming and helpful.
Samantha AmeerallySamantha Ameerally
20:04 23 Nov 20
I have been coming to this clinic for 6 months now, and getting the best massages ever,My therapist has been so great and goes according to my needs. Its so clean quite and wonderful, every experience is like a dream.come true.The Therapist goes according to your needs and always helpful love it here.
Assiralc Aled ZurcAssiralc Aled Zurc
22:00 03 Nov 20
Thank you to all the staff of Vitalyse Clinic! Everyone is very accommodating and friendly. Joyce Tomines is very helpful with my Physiotherapy sessions and Dr. Luvraj Sandhar, my chiropractor is very nice! She was very patient and helpful towards my recovery. i love this place and would highly recommend it to everyone.

Chiropractor North York

Our North York chiropractors use gentle and non-invasive techniques like spinal manipulation and soft tissue release to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

If you are in pain and need relief, you’ve found the right place! We provide chiropractic services 6 days a week, and are always welcoming new patients. Check out our chiropractor services and book your appointment today.

Physiotherapy North York

We offer Physiotherapy Treatment if you’re looking to recover from an injury or improve your mobility. From sports injuries to chronic pain, our physiotherapists will develop a personalized treatment plan including manual therapy, exercise prescription, and modalities to help you get back to doing the things you love.

Learn more about North York Physiotherapy and book an appointment to start recovering from your injury and prevent it from happening again!

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