Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in North York

Our North York Chiropractor Can Treat Your Carpal Tunnel Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is compressed or under pressure, leading to problems in the hand. This nerve travels through a narrow space in the wrist called the carpal tunnel, which gives the syndrome its name.

Many patients worry about the pain and difficulty they experience when dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as the right medical treatment. Thankfully, aggressive measures are usually not required for treatment and management. At Newlight Pain Clinic North York, we assess the severity of your symptoms to offer individualized chiropractic care and techniques, with the goal of providing relief and restoring functionality.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

Symptoms of this condition can vary depending on the amount of pressure and compression on the nerve. Typically, people may feel consistent numbness or tingling in the thumb and the first three fingers of the hand. Other symptoms could include:

– Weakness in the hand leading to dropping objects

– Intermittent numbness and tingling

– Persistent numbness

In many cases, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms start off as mild and sporadic numbness and tingling, often triggered by certain activities. For example, feeling a numbing sensation while gripping a steering wheel or using a phone could be signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. Over time, symptoms may worsen, and some individuals might notice weakness in their hands, making it hard to hold onto objects.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in North York

The median nerve, which can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when trapped, connects to the spinal cord through openings in the bones around the lower neck. Issues in the wrists or fingers can arise from displacement or limited movement of these spinal bones. Chiropractic treatment can help realign these bones, assisting in the treatment of CTS.

Detecting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome early allows for non-surgical intervention, with chiropractic treatment being the main approach. This typically involves a combination of methods, such as rest, ice, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. These methods include:

1. Chiropractic manipulation therapy for the elbow and upper spine, which involves manipulating the soft tissues around the joints.

2. Incorporating B6, a vitamin known for promoting CTS treatment, into the diet.

3. Electro-acupuncture treatment.

4. Using braces to limit hand extension and flexion, providing compression on the median nerve to aid in recovery and reduce tendon swelling.

5. Engaging in wrist and hand exercises designed for recovery.

6. Assessing workplace ergonomics to minimize stress as much as possible.

If left untreated, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can become a serious health issue that may require surgery. Early intervention with chiropractic treatment offers an effective and drug-free approach to alleviate symptoms and pain caused by CTS, ensuring long-term relief.

If you are experiencing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, book an appointment with our North York chiropractor so we can treat your pain and get you back to full health!

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