North York Chiropractor Questions (FAQs)

Every day we get questions like, “Who is the best chiropractor North York has to offer?” and “Does chiropractic really work?” On this page our team answers the most common questions we get about chiropractic treatment and how it can play a part in your health journey.

When you have a spinal subluxation (a misalignment of spinal vertebrae), your nervous system can’t properly communicate between your brain and the nerves that communicate with the rest of your body, causing discomfort, dysfunction, and other negative effects on your overall health. By applying hands-on pressure, chiropractors can adjust the vertebrae to their proper position, resolving the subluxation and relieving pain.
Yes! Chiropractic treatment is a safe option for preventing, treating, and managing the musculoskeletal and other related systems in your body. Our North York chiropractors always conduct a thorough screening, examination, and review of our patients’ health records to avoid any potential complications and tailor the adjustment to their needs.
Spinal misalignment and interference with the nervous system can happen at any age, starting right from birth. The delivery process may be long and difficult, then you have childhood falls, postural changes from mobile devices, sports injuries, and emotional stress. Proper chiropractic treatment can benefit patients of all ages. Although our chiropractors use different techniques from newborns to teens and older adults, the principle remains the same – keeping your spine in line so you can live a long and healthy life!
There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and many factors are at play including the severity of your injury (if it exists), your age, and your overall health. Some of our patients experience immediate pain relief whereas others may take weeks or even months.
It’s like saying, “Do I still need to exercise once I’m in shape?” Of course! The stresses and activity of everyday life work against your spine’s correct alignment, so regular adjustments are important to maintain total health.

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