Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint) Treatment in North York

Our North York Chiropractor Can Treat Your SI Joint Pain

The sacroiliac joints connect the lower spine (sacrum) to the pelvis with two joints, each side held together by ligaments. Diagnosing sacroiliac joint pain can be tricky as symptoms may overlap with other conditions. Pain is usually felt in the lower back and buttock, possibly extending to the thigh and leg. If numbness, tingling, or weakness occur, it’s wise to consider other diagnoses. Activities like sitting or standing for long periods, climbing stairs, or running can worsen sacroiliac pain. Our chiropractor at Newlight Pain Clinic North York helps patients with SI joint pain regain full health.

Causes of Sacroiliac Joint Pain:

Sacroiliac pain can stem from various sources, highlighting the wide range of its beginnings. Causes may involve arthritis, trauma-related injuries, pregnancy and postpartum experiences, inflammatory conditions, and infections. Furthermore, factors to consider include spinal scoliosis, leg length differences, and a past lumbar spine fusion. It’s important to mention that sometimes the exact reason behind sacroiliac pain is unknown, posing a diagnostic challenge.

How We Treat SI Joint Pain in North York

Dealing with sacroiliac joint pain can be tough, affecting your daily life in various ways. But you’re not alone in this struggle. Our chiropractor in North York provides a variety of treatments designed specifically for SI joint pain. By focusing on natural, medication-free methods, chiropractors not only relieve current symptoms but also work to prevent any issues or side effects that may arise during treatment. Putting your trust in chiropractic care offers a well-rounded approach to enhance your health and manage your pain effectively.

If you are suffering from SI joint pain, book an appointment with our North York chiropractor so we can treat your pain and get you back to full health!

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Our chiropractors and physiotherapists have seen hundreds of patients suffering from SI joint pain over the years, and are highly experienced in treating this type of pain and many others. Trust Newlight Pain Clinic North York for comprehensive and effective SI joint treatment and book an appointment today!